Bad Pizza

OK, so it was a Thursday night, and I decided to order a pizza. I could have called Papa John's, Pizza Hut, Donato's, Bazbeaux, or any of the other fine pizza establishments here in Indianapolis. But for some unknown reason I decided to call Domino's.

(Incidentally this was while they were running the Mario Perillo ads for the Italian Meat pizza, before the Andy ads existed.)

I ordered a large sausage pizza on hand tossed dough and it was promptly delivered. It was hot, smelled good, and looked appetizing, so I dove right in.

On my second piece, however, something happened that made me vow to never order a pizza from Domino's again. As I bit into a piece of sausage, and began to chew it up, I hit something 'hard' inside the sausage chunk. I immediately stopped chewing, because it felt like I had broken my tooth on this thing. I spat out the mouthful onto a napkin and began to dissect the partially masticated sausage to find the hard bit. A glint of white caught my eye. It was a big ol' shard of bone!

"Holy crap!"

My gorge began to rise. I slammed the lid shut on the remaining slices, and tossed the rest of the pizza in the trash. Needless to say, I was thoroughly disgusted by this experience, and will not order from them again. Dominos uses inferior quality meat, in my humble opinion.

Pizza hut isn't much better; I worked there for a summer, and sometimes the meats would sit out all day without being changed, taking on a strange sheen of decay and a rank odor.

Anyway, I made my vow never to order Domino's again. Loudly and with a twisted expression of disgust. It now seems obvious that the advertising gods were listening that night...