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Biscayne Bay & The Keys Sportfishing

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Captain Alex Adler - Islamorada, Florida - (August 11, 2000)
Overall, steady fishing with many species to catch!!
     From bonefish to sailfish, we have a wide variety of species to target in Islamorada right now. Offshore, dolphin are still making a strong showing. Most fish are in the 4-6 lb range, but we've caught them up to 15 lbs. Mixed in with the schools of dolphin have been an occasional sailfish. The yellowtail bite is steady during the day and black grouper can be found now too! At night we've been getting good catches of mangrove and mutton snappers.
     Tarpon seem to be ever present here. The channels and bridges have been the best spots to look for and catch a nice Silver King. The bonefish are eating well on the flats, but the right times of the day are key. Early mornings and late in the days have been the best calls to go after the elusive bones.

To book a charter with Captain Alex Adler please give him a call at (305) 852-5084 after 7pm EST.

Captain Bob LeMay - Biscayne Bay, Florida - (July 27, 2000) 
      This past week we continued to fish late in the day and on into the night. The baby tarpon have been the highlight. They are continuing to bite well into the night under Miami Beach bridges. Standard fare for the babies are white flies, live shrimp or the DOA 3'" shrimp. Some nights the DOA lures outfish the live shrimp, particularly on light line. Just before dark we've been doing well on a few of the larger tarpon in the 80lb range along the beaches. Pinfish under corks on circle hooks have been the ticket. Bonefish have been staying up on the flats quite a bit longer each day than expected. The schools we've encountered have been small, but the fish are all quite large. Some have looked like bonita (that large!).
    The only downside to the week has been the lobster mini season. None of the bug hunters that I spoke with did very well on the first night and the sight of Crandon boat ramp with a weekend style traffic jam at 3:00Am wasn't anything to write home about either. I think I'm beginning to understand how some of the locals in the Keys feel about the mini-season. Next year I'm going to be in the Glades during mini-season if possible.... Tight Lines

For more information or to book a charter with Captain Bob LeMay, call (954) 435-5666 or e-mail:lemaymiami@aol.com

Captain Lindsay Harper - Key West, Florida - (July 27, 2000) 
July has once again been a banner month for permit with the fish in the 15-30 pound range; we have boated 30 fish in a dozen charters. The tarpon bite is still going strong with fish just over one hundred pounds and of course the usual rats of 5-30 pounds. Early is the ticket for bonefish on the incoming tide because late morning water temperatures are in the 90's. The crowds have diminished since June, you can actually have entire flats all to yourself (as of tomorrow the rape and pillage crowd for crawfish mini-season will be history). August should be another great month of fishing for the Glamor Three, just remember to fish early or late (evening bonefishing is fantastic) and do your crawfishing in the afternoon. Catch'em up !
For more charter information please call (305) 296-3673/304-1970 or Email at: captlindsay@bigfoot.com

Captain Carl Ball - Biscayne Bay - (July 20, 2000) 
The fishing has been great and all of June was real good! We caught fish everyday. My best day was 6 bonefish, one permit, and 1 for 4 on tarpon. There was a couple other grand slams and lots of bones, permit, and of coarse tarpon. So far July has been pretty good as well. The big tarpon are all gone, but the babies have come out to play. The permit are pretty thick and the bones have been a little tough, but are around. Yesterday, my customer caught his first grand slam. He went 1 for 2 on baby tarpon using live bait. Then caught a 9 pound permit and a bonefish on the fly. It was a great day and we made it in before the storms hit. It may be a little hot, but the fishing is still good. Also, it still beats sitting inside.
For more information or to book a charter with Captain Carl Ball call Home: (954) 565-2457, Boat: (954) 383-0145 or email him at: CAPTBALL1@aol.com

Captain Jack Carlson - Marathon - (July 7, 2000)
The dolphin fishing has been hot! We have been catching limits of dolphin on a daily basis. The schoolies are in the 10-12 pound range with slammer dolphin up to 41 pounds! The fish have been in the 10-16 mile range off Marathon and we are finding bigger loaner fish out to 30 miles. There has been sailfish seen often but only a few have been hooked or caught. In the Gulf there has been cobia and tons of permit eating crabs on the Hank Brown jigs. The tarpon has slowed down at the bridges, but the snappers are coming through the bridges and heading out to the reef to spawn.

For more information or to book a charter with Captain Jack Carlson,
call (954) 743-6253 or visit the web site at: http://www.twoconchs.com

Captain Rick Killgore - Islamorada - (July 1, 2000)
"flats fishing report" with Capt. Rick Killgore on his boat BONE YARD for the days 6/18/00 to 7/1/00.
TARPON: Live bait fishing the channels Tarpon fishing has been good this year. We have now released 122 tarpon in 40 Ĺ days of fishing. This is just over 3 fish per day of fishing. Last July (1999) was very good fishing. We released 44 tarpon in 10 days of fishing (most were Ĺ day trips). I expect the fishing to be very good through July. Top day in the last two weeks was with Ed Hinkle and Joe Leonard of N.C. They released 7 tarpon, for 9 hooked up, for 15 striking tarpon Ė that was some great action. For those of you who might be daunted by the supposed Florida heat, think of this. Almost every day we have a cool ocean breeze with ambient temperatures from 85 to 94, much cooler than the rest of the states this time of year. And to get out of the sunís rays, I have a big umbrella. It is like sitting under our own palm tree, in the cool breeze, catching 100 plus pound tarpon Ė awesome!!! Last yearís tarpon season, we caught 147 tarpon in 31 days of fishing thatís an average of almost 5 fish released per day. Best day was 10 tarpon released in a day. These are big fish, 48% were over 80 lbs., and 25% were over 100lbs. Check out my web site for last yearís phenomenal photos (which down load very quick as thumbnails) and the complete statistics during tarpon season. It is in the photo gallery, "Tarpon fishing with live bait".
PERMIT: Are showing back up on the flats after their early spring spawn out on the reefs and wrecks. July through October is an excellent time for them.
BONEFISH: Excellent summer fishing
REDFISH: Excellent summer fishing
BARRACUDAS and SHARKS: Good summer fishing These reports are highlights of fishing days and do not report every day fished or every fish caught. To those anglers not reported, I am sorry; but I only have so much time and energy to put in these reports. Iíll do my best. Capt. Rick Killgore
For more charter information please call Captain Rick (305) 852-1131 or visit his web site at:

Captain Larry Cohen - Key West - (June 8, 2000) 
Hurricane season is here, Tarpon season has exploded And grown men get "Buck Fever".
      That's right! Grown men forget how to cast, stand on the fly line and forget left from right!! That is what the "Silver King" can do to people. After a slow start, finally the tarpon are showing up in the Lower Keys and Key West Area in very large schools. And the good news is they are HUNGRY!! They have been taking plugs (Bagley and Yozuri's). I have also had very good luck flyfishing with flies that have a big collar and pushing a lot of water with color being unimportant at night.
      Let me mention something about night fishing for tarpon. I've had the opportunity to fish people from all over the world and once they have witnessed these fish popping at night, they come back year after year. This is truly extreme fishing. When these fish get going, it is really unbelievable and it seems they will eat anything that is moving through the water. Not to mention that you avoid the heat of the day. Generally these trips are from sunset till 10pm or midnight. During this time it is not uncommon to jump 10 to 15 fish on fly or plug on a good night. Just keep in mind with these tarpon that you may think the battle is over in just a couple of minutes, but many times the fish will have other plans, resulting in a 1 to 2 hours fight. For an up to the minute weather update, check out the Live Cam at www.keywestfishinghats.com +++
For more charter information please call (305) 294-7670 / (305) 923-7100 or visit the web site at: www.keywestflatsfishing.com

Captain Randy Rode - Marathon - (May 31, 2000) 
      Merle Sorensen from Colorado Springs, CO had one of the hottest trips of the year so far! Merle, "The Power Slammer", caught five tarpon inside of two hours ranging in size from 85 lbs. to over 135 lbs. on 30# conventional tackle. The action was fast and furious, with strong tarpon bites every few minutes!! The fish were eating very agressively and Merle was fighting back with equal agression!!! Congratulations on a great job of angling!
       Carlos Prio and his long-time friend Edward fished a couple of days later on the 8:00PM to midnight shift, slam-dunking three nice tarpon in a short time. The fish are eating good on the outgoing tide in the dark. Carlos and Edward had a great time enjoying the flat-calm night, punctuated only by hundreds of tarpon busting on bait all around the bridge.
      Captain Jeff Knapp has been doing his usual great job for Rode Runner consistently catching 1 to 3 fish per trip, and he has been running every day and night. Jeff has currently tagged and released over 75 tarpon this year in good condition, and is looking forward to getting some recaptures. My good friends Lenny Kupsc, former owner of the 54 foot Bertram Final Fantasy, and my good friend and artist Joe Suroviec, fished with me last week scoring heavy with numerous tarpon. These guys are so good that they usually dead-boat all of their fish, fighting a 100 lber into submission in a matter of minutes!!! These guys are truly world class anglers. By the way, Joe took home many pounds of mangrove snapper fillets as a bonus, catching some mangos up to 8 and a half pounds!
     As a final footnote, the Palolo worms are hatching out in force for the next few days, and we have been catching tarpon on rubber squids, bass worms and flies. This is the actual peak of the year`s fishing......RED HOT.
For more charter information please call (305) 743-3424 or email at: rrode1113@aol.com

Captain Andy Wing - Marathon - (2000)
For more charter information please visit the web site at: http://www.bestbetsportfishing.com

Captain Steven Lamp - Big Pine Key / Marquesas - ( 2000)
Report for the Key West flats and inshore waters.
For more charter information please visit the web site at: http://www.fishingkeywest.com

Captain Bill O'Bannon - The Keys - (2000)

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