Good Andy

Good Andy

I must begin with a question. How would you like it if someone took your name and applied it to a really annoying, derogatory concept or creation?

The mischievous and malevolent "Bad Andy" character happens to have stolen my given name of Andrew, and I'm pissed! Just as the Barney's of the world were once driven to self immolation by a purple dinosaur, "Bad Andy" has driven me to create an anti-Domino's site in order to defend the good name of Andy everywhere.

By employing the once defunct reasoning of spontaneous generation, I have been able to come up with a theory of the origins of "Bad Andy". Obviously, Domino's uses some sort of telepathy, surveillance, or espionage to covertly collect information about their hungry patrons.

My utter disgust and contempt at finding a shard of bone in my sausage was recorded that evening, and relayed to Domino's headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan where steps were immediately taken to defame my good name and ensure the secrecy of their inferior meat.

Has anyone ever wondered why buffalo and sheep are allowed to roam free around the Domino's headquarters, or at Domino Farms? To make the sausage, of course!

I will not rest until "Bad Andy" is drawn and quartered on live television, and Domino's is driven out of business.