Ali Baba Shall Rule the World!

Ave Maria School of Law in Ann Arbor

Domino's Pizza founder, Tom Monaghan, says he will spend $50 million to create a new law school in Ann Arbor producing lawyers who would follow Catholic moral teaching. It will be called Ave Maria School of Law. The first professor has been signed on: Robert Bork! US Supreme Justice Antonin Scalia has been in Ann Arbor advising Monaghan. Monaghan has already founded the "Thomas Moore Center for Law and Justice" in Ann Arbor.

More on Bork: Robert Bork, who was rejected to be a member of the US Supreme Court, has excoriated members of that same Supreme Court as "robed masters" and "a band of outlaws." The failed court nominee urged a constitutional amendment allowing Congress to override by majority vote any Supreme Court decisions they don't like. Failing that, Bork said, "Perhaps an elected official will one day simply refuse to comply with a Supreme Court decision. That suggestion will be regarded as shocking, but it should not be." For 205 years, the federal court system has been independent and not controlled by the other branches of government. As Thomas Jefferson said, it would only work if the courts were independent. In Bork's book SLOUCHING TOWARD GOMORRAH [endorsed on its jacket by Ralph Reed and William Bennett, and pronounced 'brilliant' by Pat Robertson,] there is a broad attack on liberals, and he makes a frightening proposal to amend the constitution itself in order to allow congress to overrule federal and state courts by simple majority vote!

And for our Jewish Surfers...

Rabbinate has removed teudot hechsher (kashrut certificates) from all Domino's Pizza branches because the Beit HaKerem branch is now open on Shabbat and uses real pepperoni. The J-lem rabbinate has a policy that ALL branches of a restaurant in this town must be kosher in order to be eligible for a teudah.

Does it smell like goat sausage in here?