I am beginning to realize that there are people in this world who have the inability to discern parody from honesty. For those of you who actually need a disclaimer of this sort, I grudgingly tell you now:

I harbor absolutely no malicious intent toward Domino's or its employees.

I am not going to sue Domino's!

I simply don't like their new ad campaign, for obvious reasons. I have the right to voice my opinion, and I'm using it! And, unlike our anonymous author, I'm willing to take a public stand for the good of my name, and for sake of humor.

Note to self: Don't put other people's e-mail addresses on your page without asking them...

And now without further ado, "The Letter"...


If you feel personally hurt by Dominos marketing campaign, you are a major loser and have bigger problems than you know. How can you possibly claim mental anguish and public embarrassment? What about all those people with the name 'Andy' who are normal. You're having that name is an embarrassment to them. By the way, how could you claim that someone stole YOUR name? It wasn't your sir name you idiot. Giving someone a first name isn't stealing it from anyone else you moron. You must be one of those whining losers that is part of those pathetic drones that embarrass the human race by hiring lawyers to file frivolous law suits, with the soul intention of taking money they don't deserve.

I can probably acurately sum up your personal life:

You don't have a job... you are on welfare..

Your father beat you or just ignored you all together.

You are a computer geek that spends endless hours behind a keyboard.

You are only outspoken and brave from behind that keyboard.

You are socially inept with very little self esteem.

The only sex you get is from your hand.

You are a Star Trek fanatic.

The few hours in the day you aren't behind the keyboard, you are in front of the TV.

Do yourself and everyone around you a favor and blow your brains out you poor excuse for a person.


Andy Turtis of PlanetAndy.com writes:

"I reported him to the abuse dept of hotmail.com as well as sent him this reply: Wow, Actually I'm an emmy winning Television editor whose been steadily employed for 15 years as well as a music composer whose music has been on national television and in movies, I'm getting married this month and obviously YOU have plenty of time on your hands to write me such a long diatribe. If you're going to insult somebody have the balls to leave your name. Obviously you don't have the judgement to discern what is real and what is for fun on the internet."