Ok, I know we've said this before but it seemed to need repeating.

I harbor absolutely no malicious intent toward Domino's or its employees. This website is meant for entertainment purposes only and is a parody.

Please try to remember this before becoming concerned about your job security.

At any rate, here's the second letter...

Your website is malicious. Domino's pizza is delicious!

What you fail to realize is that bone is typically found in sausage. I mean, honestly. Where do you think the calcium in sausage comes from? I've been working at Domino's for years, from "Thirty Minutes or Less," through the Papa John's scare of '95, to "Bad Andy."And, as we learned in our staff meeting last Thursday, the Bad Andy campaign has skyrocketed Domino's popularity with Generations X and Y, thanks to the genius behind creating such an adorable and mischevious imp to link with the famous name of Domino's. Bad Andy is genius. And if you were smart, you'd know that.

So as far as I can see, the only bad Andy here is you with your unwarrented attack on one of America's greatest businesses. Domino's is the best! Fast, delicious pizza at a resonable price.

Give pizza a chance! Stop your violent attack on Domino's!


Elmore Juan Carlos Washington, Jr.

Mgr., Domino's of Jefferson, MO