Pizza Icon Released From Khmer Rouge Prison Camp Phnom Penh (AP)

Former Domino's Pizza icon and spokescharacter, The Noid, was released from captivity today near the Cambodian town of Krong Kaoh Kong where he had been imprisoned for 14 years in a Khmer Rouge prison camp. No official reason was given for the release, but it is believed to be connected with the recent death of Khmer Rouge leader and former Cambodian head Pol Pot. Sources in the Cambodian government suggest that The Noid's imprisonment was solely the result of a personal dispute between Pot and The Noid.

The Noid, now credited with starting the trend of "extreme" behavior among fast food media constructs, first appeared in a controversial episode of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood which was only aired once by PBS television, and then destroyed after scores of complaints from angry parents. Soon after that, The Noid, scored a commercial coup by signing a benchmark contract with Domino's Pizza in 1985, followed by a very popular ad campaign featuring the slogan "Avoid The Noid".

Pol Pot, known primarily for ordering the murder of over 2 million Cambodians during what has become known as "the killing fields", reportedly ordered a Domino's pizza for delivery in late 1986. When the pizza, ordered with olives, extra cheese, and onions, did not arrive in 30 minutes or less, Pot is believed to have ordered a Khmer Rouge death squad to track down The Noid. The Noid's highly publicized disappearance from North American culture in early 1987 is now believed to be the result of that squad's abduction and subsequent imprisonment of the immensely popular pizza icon, resulting in the discontinuation of Domino's "Avoid The Noid" ad campaign. No statement has been issued by The Noid, following his release, but local witnesses report that he appeared "in good spirits, [but] very scrawny and malnourished." There is also no word on when The Noid may return to television culture.

Domino's Pizza, in a statement issued shortly after The Noid's release indicated that "while [Domino's] is elated that The Noid has finally been returned to the free world, [we] do not foresee a need for a wacky character with inexplicable ears and a knack for hilarious mishaps in [our] television commericals at this time."

Editor's Note: Domino's has since revised their "wacky character" policy!