Good Andy. Bad Pizza

Bad Andy did it in the name of Allah.

Good Andy is still sifting through the rubble.



I couldn't have made this look worse, even if I had used Photoshop to doctor it. Squid ink and pizza do not, in my humble opinion, mix. Don't order this unless you want to have black teeth.... ah, those wacky Japanese. Click the pic for the new (and not necessarily improved) message board.

Hey, I found a few more links on our deceased friend, Bad Andy! Check below. Also note that "Bert is Evil" was shut down becuse apparently some militant anti-american group printed up one their pix and used it during a rally. Weird, eh?!

Anyway, while you're here, make sure to vote, add some text to the "Bad Andy Says" thingy, and pray to god that this whole economic slump/war/terrorism thing comes to a quick and agreeable halt.

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hang 'em all!

It is official, folks. Without a word of explanation, Domino's has completely ceased use of the Bad Andy icon. His graven image has been removed from all of Domino's advertising. Even their website has been stripped bare of Andy images. Don't believe me? Here's the press release.

So what prompted the destruction of the muppet we love to hate? Dig this stat from USA Today:

"The bad news for Bad Andy: 21% "dislike" the ads, significantly higher than the average of 13%. And only 16% overall think they're "very effective," below the 24% average."

Obviously, Domino's wised up. Their new tagline?

Get The Door. It's Domino's.

You get the door! I'm taking a dump...

All of this brings the inevitable question to mind: Will Good Andy, Bad Pizza now disappear as well? Rest assured, fair citizens, that this website will not close up shop ala Domino's. I will continue to update these pages (albeit sporadically) with stuff that I find interesting and humorous. Heck, I might even begin another crusade against a corporate entity (the last one worked so well!). Hmm, how about McDonald's? That whole Chicken McNoggin affair seems to need more press...





Champagne and cigars all around!



Andy, the Domino's character, is always portrayed as trying to sabotage the evil pizza place because he is a vegan activist "muppet". That is why he is not allowed to talk except for a few grunts and "uh-oh". Domino's pizza is not vegan. Domino's is too interconnected with the rest of the industrial food producers to ever embrace the concept of doing minimal harm to others, including animals and Mother Earth. I agree with "Andy" that consumers need to patronize their local entrepeneurs and forget about the soulless franchise eateries. Local restaurants are more likely to use local ingredients plus their profits stay local, there are no fees to be sent to a Corporate Headquarters.



Found this wonderful bit here

One time, I asked my friend Tim, who is a manager of one of the local Domino's Pizza joints about the gratuitous use of the character 'Bad Andy' in their commercials. I was under the distinct impression that Bad Andy, who is a turdish-looking little monkey puppet, worked for the Domino's Corporation, and I couldn't understand why the management of any pizzeria would suffer such crass stupidity and negligence from an employee, much less a globally-recognized food titan like Domino's. Tim assured me that Bad Andy was a caricature of what a bad pizza delivery person was like, and that he didn't work at Domino's. He merely plagued them with his incompetence. I dunno, if Bad Andy's being chided for misusing the Heat Wave bag-warmers as part of a Swedish-style sauna scheme, I think he's probably an employee. I mean, if Tim walked in on me lounging in the back room as a non-employee, goofing off at his restaurant, he'd kick my ass out the door. All I'm saying is that the current Domino's tagline is, "Domino's: Bad Andy. Good Pizza." Bad Andy works at Domino's, and the manager of a Domino's should at least be aware of his company's advertising campaigns to the extent that he understands their basic tenets. Me? I'd fire Bad Andy for scampering around the place naked all the time. He's furry, for criminy's sake. If drivers have to wear their hair collar-length or shorter, the puppet can wear some pants. That's just another of the multitude of reasons that I don't eat their pizza.


Found this while searching for bad andy, posted by someone named Miss Fantastic... I wish I could have found the post she's reponding to... oh well, here's her random thoughts on Bad Andy...

"I definitely agree with you about Bad Andy! Your mentioning him reminded me of when I was about five years old, my dad downloaded this horrible game for the family computer. It was called Avoid the Noid, and was obviously a shameless advertising ploy for Dominoes. I won't swear to it, but I think the Noid was called Andy too. I'm sure all of you remember him. He was a little and not to mention ugly rabbit-eared dude who I think accomplished deeds similar to the ones the current Andy gets away with Even as a little girl who should have loved all things that resembled a rabbit in someway, I could not stand Andy(?) the Noid. The more I think back on it, Dominoes ads that featured him were probably the very first ads to ever annoy me..."




Hey, there! I was afraid that I was the only one who hated Domino's Pizza. ( Although your reason seems to be alittle more of a food-safety issue. A piece of bone? What if you'd swallowed it? I'm sure that though went through your mind. ) Seems to me that Domino's also has a problem with strange creatures trying to sabotage their pizza. ( Remember 'Avoid the Noid'? ) Anyway, I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your web page.





So congrats on the Bad Andy website. As you may or may not know, I was adamantly against Bad Andy from the very beginning, and I wholeheartedly support your campaign to destroy him. What a dumb fucking ad campaign. It really pisses me off. I mean, what the fuck? And that's all I have to say about it.



We got a really fun, nasty letter from someone! So nasty that PlanetAndy wants to be removed from the site!

I now issue the challenge:

Come and face me, whoever wrote this:

Do yourself and everyone around you a favor and blow your brains out you poor excuse for a person.




In the spirit of good AMERICAN litigiousness we would like to hear from all people named ANDY who feel personally hurt by the current DOMINO'S PIZZA ad campaign featuring a mischievous gremlin kind of thing named ANDY. The tag line "Good Pizza/Bad Andy" has caused us much mental anguish and public embarrassment and has defamed our good name that WE were presented with at birth and WE have the right to use. We are also looking for an attorney to handle this class action suit pro-buono....


We've been contacted by Miles Tidal who co-hosts the internet talkshow "static radio." He's recently done a segment on this topic called "Bad Andy vs. Billy Barty" which is scheduled to air during early August. GOOD Miles' show is available at

Miles says "Bad Andy looks like a skinny talking turd."

Note: I'm not sure if they archive their shows.. I wouldn't bother asking for the Bad Andy show... it sucked.. they mentioned Bad Andy at the very end, after 15 minutes of horribly idiotic banter. Although the turd reference is accurate...



Other thoughts...

I'm sure you've seen the new Domino's commercials featuring Bad Andy. If you haven't, Bad Andy is some sort of mischievous monkey employee that tries to get the Domino's employees to do bad things. Things like roll the crust instead of stretching it by hand. The spots end with the line "Bad Andy. Good Pizza." I just don't get it. Sure I used to think monkeys were cute and funny (except baboons, I've always known them to be evil) until I started working with Tom. Tom enlightened me to the fact that all monkeys want to do is hurl their feces at you. Which brings me back to Bad Andy. I can't say I'm comfortable with the thought of some shit throwing monkey being in the same room as my pre-delivery pizza pie.


Andy does what he wants to do, no matter what those pencilneck delivery boys tell him. That's cool. Hey, my name's Jason, so should I be mad that I've got a guy in a hockey mask chopping up coeds named after me? I guess we'll have to retire the name Andy just like other perfectly good names like Adolf, Mao, Ahab and O.J.



Not only annoying, it seems irrelevant to have a monkey on a commercial for pizza. The commercial I've seen is the one where they introduce everyone, and then they all go.. "Andy!" Which makes no sense if he didn't do anything. And that's the whole plot of the commercial, and the basis of the slogan, "Bad Andy, good pizza." Maybe it's an inside joke of the pizza people. But it's kind of mean for them not to let us know the funny or cool part. Jerks.


I was having this very discussion yesterday with one of my friends. It looks like a blatant rip-off of Levi's idea*. I haven't figured out where Andy came from, nor do I understand why the pizza delivery guy enjoys taking showers wearing his Dominoe's hat.

*refers to the "Flat Eric" character used by Levi's Jeans in Europe.

Dave Goulet's useless Bad Andy page.