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Jesus Crust!

Hello, loyal denizens of the dark, seedy underbelly of the interent that is Goodandy... What's shakin'?

Not much here. With the disappearance of Bad Andy, the world has been made a safer place for democracy. Unfortunately, however, it appears that his evil influence is not dead! If anyone has seen the new commercials for eckrich (I think that's the company name...) corn dogs, you know of what I speak.

These abominations of advertising feature children speaking to corn dogs as if they are living beings. The commercial ends with the phrase "Good corn dog!" being uttered to the inanimate food items. This sends an unpleasant shudder up my spine. It just seems too close to the old "good andy" tagline. Apparently, the world of advertising never learns how to judge what sucks royally. Sigh.

OK, that's all! Be good to one another and don't talk to corn dogs...
posted by Andrew Cunningham on 5/9/2002 08:07:28 PM

Hello Again!

Yes, it has been many many months since this site has last seen an update... and rightly so!

There has been nothing to report (as far as I know) in the world of Bad/Good Andy. Plus, the world has been really fucked-up, what with all of this terrorism and war and goddamned anthrax and mayhem and ow it hurts, the pain, the pain.

Anyhoo, I'm back... for what, I don't know. I suppose that I could devote some time and attention to detroying Pizza Hut... maybe that's what I'll do.... hmm. We'll see. Anyway, GoodAndy.com has been up and running for while on my lil' ol server, so if you're interested, hop on over. For now, dig on some fresh content here.

Peace out.

posted by Andrew Cunningham on 11/10/2001 02:38:17 PM

Hang Ronald!!

Well, it happened. Bad Andy is dead. I suppose that I knew it would eventually come to this, but I'm still sort of surprised and dismayed that Domino's didn't put up more of a fight.

I'm left with a sick, empty feeling... what is a poor, misguided ad critic like me to do? I guess I could find a new icon to obliterate, but it just wouldn't be the same. Sigh...

Anyway, it will soon be much easier for me to rule advertising execs like the little bitches they are, since I am slated to get my cable modem on April first. Whoopeeeee!!!! I can't wait.. all the drunken animal porn I can handle, all for a low monthly fee! Oh boy, my loins are aching in anticipation..

For now, I mourn the passing of Bad Andy. He had almost become like an old pal.... ok not really. I should be happy, I guess. My plan worked! But somehow, it all seems bittersweet.. like breaking up with that girlfriend that you secretly hated, but still loved having wild monkey love with...

OK, I've said too much. I must go eat some dinner now. Adios!
posted by Andrew Cunningham on 3/20/2001 05:56:49 PM

monoperative - The Gremlins That Be Kill All That Is Not Me

OK, I have no clue what this is either. Before you accuse me of promoting insane and pointless websites (hmm.. wait-- isn't that what THIS is?), know that this guy has linked to my coolboard for some unknown reason.

Anyway, it seems that Domiblows has completely pulled the Bad Andy ads. I haven't seen a single Andy ad in over a month! Ye gods! Again, this unbelieveable stroke of luck has me swimming in good feelings.. and disbelief! Could I have played a small role in the destruction of the malevolent muppet?

Nope. I think that they just realized how shitty they were!

At any rate, I'm sick with some flu bug thing, so this will be a short post.. just so you don't have to keep looking at the same text every time you log on. Hope you've all been well, and that life is treating you right.

Until next time...
posted by Andrew Cunningham on 2/26/2001 03:00:09 PM

monoperative - The Gremlins That Be Kill All That Is Not Me

OK, I don't know what this link is either, but they are sharing my coolboard... pretty weird stuff.. I think it's some grade school kid's angry rant. What he's angry about, I'm not sure. But, he deserves a mention.

Annnnnyway, it appears that Domiblows has officially stopped using Bad Andy in their commercials. I ahven't seen a single Bad Andy spot in over a month! (whoopee!) I can't believe it. Do you guys think that I actually got to the Domino's advertising crowd and made them mend their evil ways? I hope my insane meandering mind played some role in bringing down the evil empire, but I think they just wised up and came to the conclusion that their ads sucked!

Anyway, I'm sick with a flu thing, but I figured I'd type some shit so that you wouldn't have to keep looking at the same text every time you came here. Don't you feel better now?

Well... be good to each other, and rejoice in the death of the malevolent muppet!!

posted by Andrew Cunningham on 2/26/2001 02:53:15 PM

Hey folks! Found a whole slew of new anti-bad andy tirades during a quickie search on yahoo... seems like people are beginning to hate these ads as much as I do. Oh, BTW, has anyone noticed that the new Domino's spot involves andy dangling FROM A BILLBOARD? This arouses suspicion on my part... I put the pic of Ralph Wiggum on my site, and the next Domino's ad features Andy on a billboard.. seems like somebody at Domino's isn't very creative, or they're just returning the intellectual-property-theft favor..

Anyway, heres a snippet from the linked site above:

...Let's talk about television advertising while we're on the subject on TV. Specifically, let's talk about TV commercials. Even more specific, the new one for Domino's Pizza featuring a sock puppet monkey named "Bad Andy". I don't get it! I don't get it at all. Not only do they not explain why the sock monkey is working at Domino's, but he's lazy and sleeps all day. You see, that's why he's called "Bad Andy"! What's even worse, is their advertising slogan: "Bad Andy! Good Pizza". In fact it's almost as bad as the slogan for the Ford Focus. In case you haven't heard it, it's "The All New Ford Focus: Did we mention it was new?" Yes! That's why it's called The All New Ford Focus :)

Ahhhhhhhhh....... It sure feels good to have your opinions validated by a complete stranger. So get to it, folks! I want your opinions! So leave them! Or be devoured by ravenous deformed pigs! Yeah!
posted by Andrew Cunningham on 1/19/2001 03:56:35 PM

Sorry about the lack of updates!

Sup, Yo's? Yes, it's me, the good andy... I haven't been around for quite some time, and the site has become stale. Sigh. Blame it all on my houe's old wiring, which necessitated a switch to ISDN instead of ADSL, at double the price! Arrrgh! So, DSL's out... Cable modem is still an option, but hosting is dicey on cable, so...

Annnnnnyway, life fans, we can now begin to hold out false hope that Mr. George W. Bush issues an executive order for Domino's to cease and desist the Bad Andy campaign. Hey, you gotta put a postive spin on things, right? Maybe ol' gwb (gay white bitch? george dubbya b??) won't be so bad after all...

OK, enough nonsensical rambling for one lousy ass late and lame post to this here blog. I've been messin' around with OSX and some Japanese girl so I have to get back to living my strange naughty/nice andy life. Be good.

posted by Andrew Cunningham on 12/19/2000 03:55:34 PM

Election Chaos 2000

Well, folks it has happened. America is too dumb, disinterested and apathetic to decide who will lead it. Personally, I think that Bush and Gore should fight to the death with daggers, ala Kirk vs. Spock, complete with catchy and recurrent theme music.

If you'll remember, Bad Andy actually took the election long ago in our unofficial poll. I submit that Bad Andy is the current president of the united states. Now love him fiercely or be slapped silly.

Storm the Capitol! Loot! Pillage! Maim! Civil war declared!

oh... yeah, bad andy sucks and he must be destoyed and all that blather.

posted by Andrew Cunningham on 11/9/2000 06:19:41 PM