Many of you may be wondering why I have decided to risk life and limb to destroy a huge corporate entity. Well, in case you haven't already read about it, my name is Andy. And I'm pissed at Domino's improper use of my name. They have characterized the Andy's of the world as "furry, Muppet-style critters" who enjoy wreaking havoc on lousy-ass pizza places. So I guess I'm defending my name. And, I have a very personal and unpleasant sausage experience to back me up. Domino's Pizza is lousy, and their use of my name will not stand!

For reasons unknown, Domino's has decided to defame me. They're lucky I don't sue them for libel! (or is that what they'll do to me after seeing this site... hmmm) Anyway, I can't turn on the friggin' t.v. these days without seeing that stupid little puppet ruining my good name. He doesn't even have a voice to defend himself against the admonishments of the evil Domino's employees! This just isn't fair.

Domino's is and always will be a "Consumer Whore", just like Starbucks, WalMart, and many others. We as citizens have the responsibility of protecting ourselves from these faceless and uncaring companies. My advice: Buy pizza from your best LOCAL pizzeria. It will taste better than any domiblows pizza you could ever order, simply because you won't be facilitating the destruction of the Mom & Pop ideal. Stand up for small-town values and crush the corporate infidels!

If you have an opinion you'd like to share about Domino's "Bad Andy" ad campaign, please click on the Bad Andy Must Die! image on the main page, or follow this link! Help me in my quest to clear my name!