My cat's breath smells like cat food.

Hello, folks, and welcome (back?) to the land of the Goatboy. Here you'll find some useless miscellania, a few funky pictures, and some good links. Also, you can now search Google, a really kick ass search engine. For those who are interested, the goatboy is a graphic designer living in Indianapolis, IN. He is a Cancer who enjoys long walks down deserted alleys and candlelit bludgeonings. The Goatboy may also be addressed as: "Trip Nazi", "Good Andy".

Hey, so you're here. Cool. Stick around for a sec and check out some of the crap I've collected on my mystical journey. Write me! Leave a quote! Sign the guestbook so you can tell me how bad this site sucks!! Go to my good andy page and see what a whacked-out freek o' nature I am! Destroy! Loot! Pillage! Subvert the dominant paradigm!



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